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Entrepreneurial Spotlight: VeRonda Wicks


December 15th, 2011


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VeRonda Wicks operates as owner and consultant of Various Marks, an editing, writing, and public relations group, centered around being the source of accuracy and making that all important impression. With over 20 years of proven ability and professional aptitude in the research, English, journalism, and public relations environments—with intense focus on stakeholder success, career branding, and development—Wicks’ experiences and opportunities have made room for the next.

Wicks received her first published article with the Baltimore Sun newspaper before she could even drive and by driving age she was interning for then-Delegate/now Congressman Elijah E. Cummings. With the privilege of attending an Historically Black College & University, Wicks functioned as an opinion/editorial writer for the University’s newspaper, The Spokesman, and later became the section’s editor. During this same time, she interned and worked at Baltimore’s CBS news station, WJZ-13, under the tremendous mentorship of veteran television personality Richard Sher, who remains her close friend and mentor.

While developing valuable mentoring relationships with veteran television personalities, newspaper columnists, and PR consultants, Wicks obtained her B.A. in English/Journalism and ventured to Chicago to continue her pursuit of journalism and public relations, working for an internationally-recognized broadcasting company. This experience afforded her the opportunity to come in contact with a number of high-profile clients who benefited from personalized attention, custom branding, and overall development and managing.

After relocating back to Maryland and earning a M.S. degree in Professional Writing, Wicks operated as the PR Director for the Baltimore Teachers Union, writing the Union presidents’ speeches and speaking before the Maryland General Assembly in their stead. She continued building her portfolio with consulting on various government contracts writing and reviewing secured documentation.

In coming full circle, Wicks believes that everything happens for a reason and that if she can’t give her all to something, she’d rather not give anything. With this mind set and an incredible passion for writing, editing, and the overall presentation, she’s committed to excellence, professionalism, and helping the next person get to where he or she needs to be.

Wicks enjoys reading, traveling, good discussions, and great food. She resides in Maryland with her husband, Allen.


On a Personal Note…


Oh my gosh, I love food, sports, writing, and an empty schedule. I do love singing… butttt, I grew up in church and as some of us may know, one place that can pimp a gift is church (No offense, I love Jesus!). So, with that, I just sing in the house, in my car, to soothe my dog, and pretty much anywhere else. I’m all about down-to-earth sensibilities and just being who you are. I endorse individuality and allowing people to go through their own process. I am the youngest and only girl with four brothers. I think having all brothers have allowed me to see the well-rounded pictures of life… from a man and woman’s point of view. I am an introvert, but it’s a personality type, not something that runs my life. If I have to perform or be “on”, I’m 100% in it and committed. But yes, I’d rather be home, curled up with a book and my laptop, watching HGTV. When I think about the path my life has taken, I only think of one of my favorite and frequently used mantras, everything happens as it should. As you read more about me, my businesses, and my journey, know that you have a process all your own and that living authentically beats out just having the appearance of living any day.


Let’s Get Down to Business…


Are you like many, who are thinking of new ways to create or maintain the all-important image? One of the most paramount of business priorities is having effective communication that relays who you are and what quality service or product you provide. Let us help you make that difference with checking this crucial priority off your list!

If you allow us, we will take the limitations off your communications. No matter the need—memos, advertisements, revisions, speeches, or presentations—we excel at making the final product an excellent and memorable one. And once you have that desired effect, we can help you establish or reinvent your message by branding your product, service, or business. Make the distinct choice, and join Gospel Rhythms and many other businesses, in allowing us to perfect your business model.

Make it your priority to stop by Various Marks at to take advantage of the one stop shop opportunity. There, you can also get connected with VeRonda and her magnificent senior staff who provides superior support for website development and creative strategizing. It’s there that your business, book, campaign, label, paper, or ad will get the phenomenal textual and graphic upgrade it’s been lacking.


In Her Spare Time…


VeRonda has transferred her love of writing and sports into a hobby and an additional business, with Wait ‘Til a Commercial, a bridging-the-gap format that mends the awkwardness sports can often times cause within relationships. Visit and find yourself in the stories of athletes outside of their professions.


Various Marks, LLC | P.O. Box 1237 | Randallstown, MD 21133




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