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Each week TRISHA MANN-GRANT (actress, author, model & motivational speaker) and ROE WILLIAMS. will help us navigate through an hour of provocative, insightful and sometimes humorous interviews, topical issues, unbiased perspectives, as well as the very latest in all things gospel that affect the faith-based community.

GospelRhythms is an hour-long entertainment news magazine show that celebrates and promotes Christians in every facet of entertainment from film, television and theatre to the sports world and music.

GospelRhythms will offer a VIP access pass to the hottest party in gospel and contemporary gospel entertainment.  GospelRhythms will be the vehicle in which contemporary Christian artists and entertainers are given a worldwide platform of expression via the internet through GospelRhythms television, radio and magazine.

GospelRhythms in-depth interviews, features, pod-casts, stations and cutting edge articles, blogs and advice forum will be the platform which Christians in the broad arena of entertainment can be featured and given exposure.  Music, videos, behind the scene coverage and candid interviews will keep our audience pulse to the beats and moves behind gospel, contemporary Christians and secular entertainers who embrace the word of God.

The Project

Why GospelRhythms

GospelRhythms features the hottest celebrity interviews; the latest
in urban and contemporary music; the 411 on gospel icons and legends;
and special interest stories with everyday people.

GospelRhythms Magazine

GospelRhythms magazine will be our online publication that will feature gospel and secular Christian entertainers via in-depth interviews; exposes; gospel music and book reviews; as well as offer the latest information and news on emerging Christian artists, poets, writers, actors and more…

GospelRhythms TV

GospelRhythms TV is our on-line entertainment magazine and music video show that will feature new artist profiles; celebrity interviews; the latest in top urban and contemporary music; the 411 on gospel icons and legends; behind the scenes look into the business of Gospel Music as well as feature a viewer interactive response segment.

GospelRhythms Online

Our worldwide community in addition being an outlet for the TV, Magazine, Music, Gospel artists (signed and unsigned) and Radio station, GospelRhythms online will
also feature a book room; a gospel resource library; a social networking community
via chat rooms; information on current events in the gospel community (i.e. touring
plays, conferences, awards shows….etc.).



About The Show

Taken from our show’s “slogan,” GospelRhythms’ segments will also
reflect topics that cover “The Word,” “Music,” “Entertainment,” and

What’s Hot

The Hosts report on the hottest news, fashion trends, fun gadgets from the tech world, and the latest headlines circling Hollywood and the global faith-based community.


We’ll snag interviews with today’s hottest gospel music stars at home, on the road, or in the studio and also showcase the latest chart-topping songs, videos and concert tours.


Our Hosts will highlight events that are trending and also take us backstage, on the set, or at the big event with our favorite actors, athletes and public figures.


This reality segment spotlights a Christian comedian such as Broderick Rice or Jonathan Slocumb who will provide humorous man-on-the-street commentary and interviews while also keeping tabs on the latest social media chatter and shout-outs from fans and viewers alike.

The Word

Iconic faith-based leaders such as Charles Stanley, Bishop Noel Jones, George Searight, along with celebrities of the faith like Sherri Shepherd and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, will offer inspirational thoughts as well as weigh-in on mainstream and sometimes controversial headline topics that effect the pulpit and the world.

It’s more than just a news magazine show, it’s a faith-based party that celebrates

The Word ● Music ● Entertainment ● Life!

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